The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (abbreviated Skyrim) is an open world role-playing game, produced by Bethesda Game Studios and released by Bethesda Softworks in 2011. Skyrim is the fifth title from The Elder Scrolls series and a continuation of The Elder Scrolls IV: oblivion. Can you sell a house in Skyrim?

The basic version of Skyrim allows the purchase of five properties. There are no restrictions on the number of houses in the game. Below are the houses with the name of the city in which they are located, and the cost of purchasing each property:

  • Windy house – 5,000 septimes
  • Honey slope – 8,000 septimes
  • Vlindrel Manor – 8,000 septimes
  • Hjerim, Wichrowa Throne – 12,000 septimes

We usually buy the abovementioned properties only after certain conditions have been met, e.g. the implementation of threads related to a given region. The purchase of some properties is a condition for obtaining the title of dance. We equip purchased houses with furniture.

The Hearthfire extension allows the construction of three houses: Windstad Manor (Hjaalmarch), Lakeview Manor (Falkret), Heljarchen Hall (Biel). Everyone requires the purchase of land, which always costs 5,000 septimes. We will be able to buy plots of land after completing local missions in a given province.

If we can’t buy a house at the moment, let’s take advantage of the space offered by guilds. Dedicated rooms are provided by the Thieves Guild, Comrades, Winter Fortress Academy and the Dark Brotherhood.

If we don’t have a home and are going to get married, we can always move in with a future spouse. It is worth determining in advance if your girlfriend owns the property. Houses cannot be sold.

Can you sell a house in Skyrim?

A windy house

To acquire the Windy House, you must help Jarl Balgruf defeat the dragon Mirmulnir. After that we will receive the title of dance, as well as the opportunity to buy a house from the Proventus Avenicci manager. Just talk to him and pay the appropriate amount. Then we will receive the Home Decorator’s Guide: White Ridge, where we will find descriptions of all available improvements. Similarly to purchase, to buy them, all you have to do is have the right amount and talk to Avenicci.

The house without additions will simply contain a chest and a double bed upstairs. There we will also find an additional room in which our huskarl Lydia will live.

Although this may seem like an expensive purchase, the Windy House will be a great starting point for all initial missions, and the vicinity of numerous stores (especially the Amazon River) will provide a pleasant center for someone wanting to do some crafts.

Honey slope

This is a medium-sized house. To buy it, we need to resolve the matter of illegal trade in skooma. They will start a conversation with an Argonian woman named Wujeta. Later, you need to build a good reputation with the city’s residents, we will achieve it by performing a number of small orders.

After receiving the title of dance, analogously to Windy house, we need to talk to the manager Anuriel, then we will receive the key to the house and the home decorator’s guide. Iona, our huskarl, will also live there.

It is certainly an attractive base for those who want to join the Thieves Guild. An additional advantage is the whisperer’s angle.



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